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I am EXHAUSTED (yes, I probably say this a lot). I've had an appointment every day for I don't know how long, and I've had to wake up and get ready earlier than usual for many of them. Because of the near-D.C. traffic and how far away many of the appointments are, I end up spending a lot of time traveling and have been finding it difficult to get food in. Plus exhaustion often leads to things like nausea for me, so that makes eating even harder.

Time to finish typing this hours later at home. I slept for a few hours (or at least an hour I think) after getting home, and that seemed to help a lot. Tomorrow, I’ll be getting more blood drawn. Maybe I’ll get a break after that.

But let’s talk about today’s appointment. Compared to my other appointments, I don’t think this one will be easy to forget. I saw an eye doctor to get the remaining pre-Plaquenil tests done and definitely didn’t expect them to stick some sort of contact lense connected to a wire in my eye. THERE ARE A WIRE COMING OUT OF MY EYE, AND MY EYE DID NOT LIKE IT. I had to skip the eye-numbing drops because they contained some common mast cell triggers, so it ended up being pretty painful, and my eye kept pushing the thing out without my permission. They ended up having to tape it to my face.

Anyway, I was able to get a picture before beginning the test. I’ll put it under the cut because it might be... disturbing to some?? That would make sense at least.

A closeup of a redheaded curly-haired person's face. She has a white eyepatch taped over her right eye and a small white object attached to a wire on her left eye.

And this picture was pretty difficult to take since I could barely see during the whole process. 

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