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I’ve been on nebulized cromolyn for a while (kind of?) now. I think it’s been causing the nose bleeds, which have been fluctuating in severity. Honestly, I thought they were improving for a while and thought that maybe I was getting used to the medication. Then they got much worse, and now my nose is almost constantly bleeding throughout the day. (Like almost every time I look in the mirror, I can see blood coating one of my nostrils.) Obviously there could be a lot of explanations. For example, my dad said the heater was really messing with his sinuses, and a lot of people get nosebleeds at this time of year. Then there’s the fact that I’ve been taking plaquenil for a while now, which often causes easy bleeding. Heck, it could be a mix of things. I just think I remember it starting/getting much worse when I started nebulizing.

I’ll probably try decreasing the dose and see what happens. So yeah, if anyone has experience with this med, I’d be interested in hearing about it!! (Just keep in mind that I’m really bad at responding but would appreciate any input, even if it’s just a few words.)

Originally posted on Tumblr.
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