Nov. 25th, 2016

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It's the day after Thanksgiving. Although it started off with hope and positive thoughts (I can't wait to go downstairs and eat more food!!!), my mood went downhill quickly. I think it has something to do with the sun going down soon after I wake up, which is odd because I've always been a fan of nighttime and never cared for the sun. I get sunburns way too easily and have a hard time seeing during the day, even if it's not particularly sunny.

It's hard to remember much, but I do remember visiting the cats because I took and edited some pictures of them. Maybe I should do that more often.
An orange-and-white short-haired cat's face. His face is slightly angled to the side, and he's looking into the distance.Closeup of a short-haired orange-and-white cat's face, which is angled to the right. He's staring into the distance, and bright sunlight is shining off his nose.
I ended up being in a pretty... uh... difficult situation. I lied down in order to hurt less and was planning to go through emails on my iPad. That is not what ended up happening. Rocket instantly decided that my hair would make a nice bed, and Toby sat on my stomach. He kneaded it and tried to balance for a bit before deciding to lie down. And that's when I knew I was stuck. 

When I finally forced my way out of that situation, I did some other things, including the wellness test on 7 Cups. (Can't really remember the rest.) I also got myself some more leftovers and coffee... or maybe I did some of that before visiting the cats. Obviously, I've been a bit zoned out today. Speaking of being zoned out, my boyfriend, who is celebrating his second day of Thanksgiving at his aunt's house, texted me about how I attended her Thanksgiving event last year.

Last year. 

Pretty sure we were talking about this a few days ago, but I don't think that it occurring a full year ago sunk in until now. I think part of my mind was still thinking that I went to his aunt's house several months ago... but no. It's been a year--a year that has gone by in the time period of a few months. I don't even know what I've done over the past year. It's like I'm stuck in a trance, and I'm either uncontrollably skipping through time or fast forwarding through life. I'm stuck in a daze. 

And one of my biggest fears is reaching the end of my life without having done much of anything. 


cathugger: An orange-and-white cat facing to the left. The front of this face is fading into shadows. (Default)

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