Dec. 3rd, 2016

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Closeup side picture of the writer's face. Her cheek has a swirly red tone with slightly peeling skin and a few redder bumps.A tube labeled "Hydrocortisone Cream: Fast Itch And Rash Relief."
My face decided to feel all sunburn-y again. It felt tight and raw ever since this morning but got much worse after I took a shower. At that point, any contact or movement of my facial muscles caused that burning and stinging sensation, and my cheeks felt very dry and almost spongy. At least it’s not covering my whole face this time; it seems to be centered around my cheeks. Some hive-like bumps, at least one that contained pus, also appeared as soon I was out of the shower. It’s amazing how your skin can change its appearance and even its shape so fast.

Anyway, it was relieving when we found another tube of the hydrocortisone cream that helped the last time this happened, especially since nothing else we tried helped (and some possibly made it worse). I was a little unsure about trying it this time because 1. it was made by a different brand and may have different side ingredients, and 2. it made my face burn a lot at first. Five to ten minutes later? I could move my face, touch my skin–even pull on it–and it barely felt painful or raw. This cream also moisturizes better than any moisturizer… at least for me. It’s still red and bumpy for some reason, but I’m so glad that I have something to make my face feel better.

So, yeah, something to consider trying if you ever have problems with red raw/burning/stinging skin. It’s meant for itchiness in general, so you might find it helpful for that, too (though it seems to only help me with the sunburn-like feeling.)

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cathugger: An orange-and-white cat facing to the left. The front of this face is fading into shadows. (Default)

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