Jan. 9th, 2017

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January 8, 2017

Again, I'm starting this entry (and hopefully ending it) on the 9th instead of the 8th. The timer thing seems to be working pretty well, especially since I actually started using this app I've had for a while to reward me for doing something for 10 minutes straight. (It's called Forest.) Okay, time to start. 

Personal Prompt: You're going back to school! What would you study and why?

Is this asking about what I would do or what I would want to do? Either way, I don't really know. If we're taking degrees out of the picture, and I could literally study whatever I want without any negative consequences, I'd probably study a lot of different things. Going to classes and getting information and experience--both from the students and professors--can really influence who you are. And I want as many experiences and opinions to influence me as possible (as long as it doesn't cause a problem)  before finding my own set of beliefs to become confident in. Every time I learn from someone else, I soak in their perceptions and experiences as well. I could almost feel myself growing mentally every time I showed up to class, and it made me hopeful about self improvement. Because of that, I would be happy with most classes.

Since I'm extremely unsure about my future, I would like to focus on a wide variety of classes... not just the ones I think I'd enjoy. If I could choose freely, I'd probably take basic classes in as many subjects as possible and then focus on different types of arts, psychology/neurology, and possibly other sciences.

What will I actually do when (or if) I go back to school? Probably work on finishing some of the basic classes and pick random electives that sound interesting (and not too stressful/embarrassing). Even having a "two year" degree would feel like an accomplishment at this point, and I think I'd enjoy spending those credits to find myself or at least try to.

Creative Prompt: Create a new game show. (What are the rules? How many contestants are there? What sort of prizes are there?)

Welcome to the Alex's new game show, Guess the Meme! (I wouldn't be surprised if something similar already existed, though.) What is the goal of the game? You got it! Guess the memes. You may be saying, "That sounds boring and repetitive," but the game never fails to switch things up. 

Two groups of people will compete on the stage to see who can guess the meme first. They'll both be receiving hints and facts about the meme. When one group feels comfortable enough with their answer, they just have to smack the big red button! Then one person will volunteer to speak for the majority of the group. If they get it wrong, the other group gets to go. Eventually, someone wins. 

But what makes this that different from other game shows out there? In Guess the Meme, both teams are strictly monitored on their communication. To not lose points, they're only allowed to speak in memes during the guessing period. This will really test their meme-supreme knowledge. May the memiest group win!
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January 9, 2017

Okay! Time for the third entry of the day. I was going to put this one off for a little longer, but [livejournal.com profile] woofelss had to go eat dinner, so I might as well get some of the writing over with. Here we go...!

Personal Prompt: You invented a time machine, but it only allows you to change the events of one day in your past. What would you change and why?

Yikes, this one is going to be difficult, especially since my mind throws tons of memories (especially unpleasant ones) in the trash. Maybe I'll think of something I could change. I just won't be digging around too much.

 Anyway, I'm not going to go into detail, but I'd probably go back to 2010 or whenever I moved to Alabama (maybe before) and fought for keeping my cat more. Even if I failed, maybe I wouldn't feel as bad about not trying.

Creative Prompt: You invented a time machine! Which decade would you want to visit and why?

This one is pretty hard for me because I know nothing about history and don't feel too connected to anything that happened in the past. Maybe I'd go back to 2000-2010 to reclaim some of my old memories... if I can handle doing that at least. I'd also be good with setting the machine to a random time and letting it take me where it takes me. Whoa, just realized that this could include future decades, too. I don't know how much that would change, though. I don't think I'd hang out in the future for too long... well, maybe 100s/1,000s of years in the future because I wouldn't be alive then anyway. But yeah, I think letting it send me to a random year would be a good plan for now.


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