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My old best friend has returned (again), and old patterns are already starting to repeat themselves.

I made myself leave her because she spread false/exaggerated rumors about me, lied about a bunch of other things, continuously stuck her hands in her boyfriend’s pants in public (yes, he kept begging her to stop), asked why his feelings mattered, spread lies about him too, made rape jokes, kept asking questions because she knew my response was something she could insult me with, cheated on her boyfriend and laughed about it, etc.

Then she said she’d kill herself and sent pics of her harming herself to try to get him to stay. Pretty sure that, less than a month later, she started dating the next “love of her life.”

And she convinced people we both know to tell me what a horrible friend I am. No, I definitely wasn’t perfect, and there were times I avoided her. Honestly, I didn’t feel comfortable around her but since I didn’t have any other real friends, I assumed her behavior was “normal.”

Even when I started to realize that it wasn’t, I knew she was suffering and went along with much of what she did. Or I tried to at least. To be completely honest, there were times I also got mad–mostly to defend her boyfriend, who I also knew pretty well.

Today, she asked me last minute to come to some mall. I opened it late and figured that it was too late at that point and just didn’t respond. Later that night, she send a snap of her crying along with the text, “why don’t you talk to me?” Then she instantly sent another that said, “oops, wrong person.” That was followed by even MORE pics of her crying while talking about how she cried like every day this week. I really didn’t know how to respond because we don’t talk, and she said the first snap was a mistake.

Not too long later, someone we both know messaged me about how sad my old friend was about how I wouldn't respond to her…. but she said she sent that to the wrong person??? And I really didn’t want to get involved in this again, no matter how guilty I felt.

I think one thing that helped me stay away from her was her talking about how much I ruined her life when we talked, too. So I try to tell myself that it’s the best choice for both of us, no matter how much she and other people hate me because of it.

It’s already been a bad enough night, but this wouldn’t shouldn’t be about me, should it?

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