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So I finally started my period again about a month after my eighteen-day period that began three days after another eight-day period.

This is what I get for starting birth control to regulate hormones apparently... I was surprised when my tracker said it's only been a month. I thought I was at least two months late, but maybe I wasn't expecting that much "break time" after spending the previous month (or a few days less than a month) in menstrual hell.

I feel weird calling it that because it wasn't that bad. It wasn't as heavy as my usual cycles, and I didn't experience as much pain. It was just... long... and weird. I won't go into more detail. I haven't heard of many people having this experience with birth control (and it seemed to shock my psychiatric nurse..?), but I switched from two different treatments, so my hormones might still be adapting to the changes.

First it was a progesterone cream, and let me tell you, it worked wonders for the hot flashes that I experienced constantly throughout the day. BUT. it was apparently causing me to ovulate on my period and could've been contributing to other problems I've been having. So I was switched to some form of birth control for a few months, making my periods lighter but more random and irregular. Then this one was prescribed to me (Junel Fe I think?). I tried it for a month, and things were still irregular, and my periods started getting longer again. At some point, I didn't have access to the pills, and I ended up waiting for the next cycle to start before starting over. So I'm starting those today. Yay...
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